Toolbox Talks Are Great If You Have ISO 45001

As a company you are legally obliged to make sure every single employee knows how to work safely.  How you go about doing this is up to you as a business but toolbox talks are great if you have ISO 45001 because they help you raise awareness of any potential safety issues on site.

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Toolbox talks are short meetings, typically carried out once a week that cover a variety of topics relevant to safety issues within the workplace.  This might include general safety information about slips and trips or the use of new PPE equipment.  Whatever it is being discussed they are a great way to raise awareness about safety in the workplace.  If you have ISO 45001 they are definitely a good tool to use and come highly recommended.

We look at the reasons why below…


Carrying out toolbox talks encourages staff at all levels to discuss safety in the workplace which might highlight potential risks that may have otherwise been missed by management.  

These can then be added into your future risk assessments and if required you can also update your processes to ensure they help you meet the requirements of ISO 45001. 

If in the worst case an accident does occur in the workplace, then toolbox talks a re a great way to discuss with your workers exactly why this happened and how you can prevent it from happening again.


ISO 45001 places emphasis on the importance of communication across all levels of the business.  In the past safety was just something senior management looked after.  This is no longer the case and organisations need to ensure everyone in the company is aware of their own personal safety responsibilities. 

It’s mentioned in clause 5.4 of the standard so toolbox talks is a fantastic way to ensure you are meeting ISO 45001 requirements.  It keeps workers engaged and encourages them to communicate with each other and management which ca improve overall safety.  This can also have an impact on your business reputation for providing staff with a safe place to work.


A key part of maintaining any management system is documenting your evidence.  By taking minutes of your toolbox talks you can make sure you have a record of when certain topics were discussed and who was present.  When the time comes for your annual audit you can provide this as evidence to your external auditor. 

ISO 45001

f you’d like to find out more about ISO 45001, the international Standard for occupational health & safety, then click here.  We offer awareness and auditor training and can deliver courses across the UK. 

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