Remote Learning

Remote learning has become an extremely useful way for providers like ourselves to continue delivering training to customers during the global pandemic.

While it won’t replace face to face learning in the future it is expected to become more commonplace once normal life resumes as it offers several advantages.

Remote learning offers the perfect training solution for people working from home during Covid-19.

For those who are new to remote learning, the frequently asked questions below should help you. 

Are you interested in remote learning?

Find out how much the training you want will cost via remote learning. 


Once you make a booking we will email you a private login so you can access the virtual classroom via Zoom.

The tutor will deliver the training by sharing the course slides and using a virtual whiteboard for group exercises. 

Yes we will provide workbooks and post these out to you before the training takes place so you can use them during the course.

A downloadable certificate will be issued to all successful participants.

You’ll need a working laptop or desktop computer with a good internet connection, a webcam with microphone and working speakers.

Yes, we schedule regular breaks throughout the course to help you remain focused during the time that you will be learning.