Covid-19 Safe Training on Birchwood Business Park

WRK Training are continuing to work with our clients to deliver Covid-19 safe training on Birchwood Business Park in Warrington and although we can’t come and meet with you right now, we would still love to hear from you to discuss any training requirements you might have this year.

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Andrew Whittle, 15 Jan 2021.

Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on the entire training industry and it has certainly changed how we are doing business here at WRK Training. That being said we are continuing to keep things running as close to normal as we can do under the circumstances.  

We see Birchwood Business Park as home and the people on it, who we have worked alongside over the last 10 years as our family which is why we are keen to keep in touch as we all try and get closer to normal life again.

Now in case you haven’t yet had the pleasure to work with us and you’re not sure how we can help you, we specialise in training courses for the quality, environmental and health and safety professions.

Some of the training we provide include;

Remote Learning

Sadly due to Covid-19 we are now only able to run limited classroom courses on the business park.

We are however providing the option to have the training you need delivered remotely through Zoom or Skype video conferencing.  

This is a great way to still get the training you need done, whilst keeping your employees safe and socially distant.

Covid-19 safe training on Birchwood Business Park

On-Demand Learning

Did you know that we also offer on-demand learning with our online platform The Learnhub?

The Learnhub provides businesses with an affordable solution to educate their entire workforce on the benefits of quality and how it is achieved.

Watch our intro video below to see how it works and visit our webpage to find out more.