Case Study:

Forsberg Services

We have been working with Forsberg Services.  They are a European positioning, navigation and timing component and systems provider with a strong engineering experience in navigation.  As well as that they also specialise in PCB, software and mechanical design. 

What did we do?

With the help of Forsberg Services we developed an online platform, that hosts a growing collection of bite-sized, animated video courses.  Companies can use the platform to train their staff on the benefits of quality and how it can be achieved.

Unlike most training providers we decided not to go down the route of charging clients individually for every person that completes a course. 

Instead we created a Netflix type service.  One where clients are given unlimited access to all content, all for one low monthly subscription.  This provides better value and allows companies to get more from their training budgets because they can train more staff, at a lower cost.  

Working with Forsberg Services - Design

How did we do it?

The first step was to build an online platform where we could host a collection of short, bite-sized online courses.  This needed to allow users to easily login so they could learn about a variety of quality related subjects quickly but at their own pace.

Next came the content. This required working with script writers and animators to produce lessons that were fun and engaging. 

Working with Forsberg Services

Once we were ready we drip-fed the content to staff working in various positions.  As a result, we could assess the impact the training had on staff with different knowledge and experience levels.  

Forsberg also helped us to spot a few minor issues at this point which we were able to iron out before the final launch.

Once we were happy with the look and feel of the platform we were ready to launch The Learnhub to other clients.

Socially distanced health and safety courses

What were the results?

We ended up with a fantastic product that provides organisations with an affordable way to improve their culture of quality.  At the same time Forsberg were left with a product they were extremely happy with as well.  One that they still continue to use to train their staff on all the benefits of quality.

Our plan is to continue to grow our content library so we can increase the value we provide our clients.  This project has definitely helped to give us a great starting point.  

Working with Forsberg Services